The Internet is full of sites offering information, insight, and opinions. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to know which information is a true nugget that can have an impact on you, your health and the health of your child. Below are a few links to information I find particularly  powerful and important.

4 X 9 months = 36 weeks! When Is My Baby Coming ?
An informative Slate article by Dr. Chavi Eve Karkowsky  on around the language and expectation  about the length of a pregnancy.

Delayed Chord Clamping
Presented in 2012 by Dr. Alan Greene  this Ted Talk is well  worth your time.  It provides a simple understandable explanation of the importance of delayed cord clamping not only to individual infants, but globally.
90 seconds to change the world | Alan Greene | TEDxBrussels

Renowned Educator Penny Simkin provides a simple folksy visual explanation of the effectiveness of delayed cord clamping.
Penny Simkin on Delayed Cord Clamping

“What the heck? You’re a birth doula?  Is THAT like a midwife?”
Actually not at all!
See the little video created by myself and many other wonderful  Ottawa area doulas.

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Oh my! SO much to acquire, so many products, so many opinions!
Let me step in an make a few additional suggestions.  Listed below are links to a few products or services I and my clients have found to be exceptional, practical or just plain awesome.

Bumbini, Cloth Diaper Company
Katie Marks who bills herself as a Bum Change Expert, and is willing to share her knowledge and expertise with you. Katie and her husband Bryan offer cloth diapering workshops and Bumbini has a trial program so you can try before you buy for a modest fee.

Onya Baby Soft Carriers
Onya Baby is a family business based out of California. These wonderful  carriers were designed by Ottawa resident Diana Rickard Coote.  Practical, ethically produced and comfortable for parent and child, the Onya is the only carrier you will ever want. Usable from 7 pounds to an astonishing 75 pounds the Onya has integrated  ‘high chair’ feature that is a dream come true for meals when you  travel with your little wiggler.

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