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COVID-19 precautions in our area hospitals continue to restrict each birthing person to a single support person. The person of your choice may be a friend, partner, spouse, or a trained Doula such as myself.

I am able to support clients giving birth at the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre with minimal restrictions- or those choosing to birth at home, with the support of their Midwife. Virtual and early labour support are new options so that expectant folk can continue to receive experienced, knowledgeable labour support.

I have openings on my calendar for this Summer and beyond. As always, last minute or short notice support may be available.

Please call or text, if you’d like to chat about the support I can offer to you as your Doula during these trying times.
(May 10, 2021)

Hi there, I am Gertrude Wilkes, a doula based in Ottawa, Ontario.

I provide unwavering support to women and families during the prenatal, birth and postpartum periods. My primary focus is as a birth and perinatal doula.

Originally from British Columbia, Ottawa is now my home. The mother of two men and the grandmother to five wonderful grandchildren, I am married to an exceptionally supportive fellow.

Since 2009, I have supported many expectant and birthing women and new and newly grown families. My involvement with all matters maternity began as the eldest daughter in a large family. With the birth of my first grandchild, I was reintroduced to the world of birth and intrigued by the changes the decades had brought. A casual remark in 2009 led me to the Mothercraft Birth and Parent Companion Program and my first doula training. Self-study, educational seminars, workshops, and educational conferences have allowed me to expand my knowledge and skills. I am privileged to have studied with Lesley Everest of MotherWit in the autumn of 2015 and to have been supported on an ongoing basis by my friend and mentor Shannon MacFarlane, one of Ottawa’s earliest professional doulas.

I live in the city core, handy to the Ottawa Hospital’s General Campus and the Ottawa Birth Centre.

When the COVID-19 restrictions allow, I provide support to those giving birth at the centrally located hospitals-

I am a proud member of the Ottawa Valley Doulas professional association and the Association of Ontario Doulas.

Contact me directly by a call or text to 613.304.3427

If email is more convenient, gertrude@gertrudewilkes.ca will get a quick response.
Gertrude ♥

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