My Birth Philosophy

I believe in the innate ability of women to successfully give birth.
The many generations of humankind are evidence of the rightness of my belief.

When the risks of infection, disease, and superstition are removed from the equation it stands to reason that the majority of women can give birth without medical intervention when they are supported by attentive and knowledgeable caregivers in an environment conducive to birth, should they choose to.

Canadian women giving birth today are often fortunate to have been raised with adequate nutrition, access to clean water, vaccinations, modern sanitation, and public health measures. This has removed many of the risks that threatened our forebearers.

Just as we are fortunate to have had many of the risks of childbirth removed by science, we are also fortunate to have at our disposal many of the wonders of science to aid the labouring woman on her journey. For some, the use of epidural medication or caesarean birth will be their decision.

Wherever your birth journey takes you my role is to support you in your choices

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Grandmother and baby on shaded tropical beach.

Gertrude enjoying a family vacation with her grandchild

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