Sibling Doula

Sibling Doula . . . say what?

You’re expecting your second or subsequent child.

  • Perhaps you’re new to our community.
  • You may not have family readily able to help you.
  • Your friends aren’t available at a moments notice.

As a sibling doula, I may be able to help you!

If you’re having a home birth-

  • Someone on call to watch over your older child or children will leave you and your spouse unconcerned and able to focus on welcoming your wee one earthside.

You’re waiting on the hospital’s call for a scheduled procedure

  • Of course, your partner will want to be with you to welcome this new baby! But what about your older child or children? Who can you rely on to come when you need them?

Having a hospital or Birth Centre Birth?

Whether using a midwife, family practice doctor or an ObGyn,
Only 5 % of babies come on their due date
– Remember the E? It stands for estimated!
74% of babes arrive between 40 and 42 weeks!

The truth is-

Gertrude Wilkes; Ottawa doula
  • Will your wee one come early or linger until 42 weeks?
  • Who can clear their calendar to wait for your call?  

    I can, your Sibling Doula!

By engaging me, I commit to caring for your older child, or children, from whenever you call until when you or your spouse return home. No matter how long, or short that is.
I’ll be with your youngsters for as long as it takes!

As an active grandmother to five, experienced birth and perinatal doula, former childcare worker and parent companion, I have the skills and experience to guide your children- toddlers to teens, through this family transition.

Reach out today to discuss how I can tailor support to your individual family needs and about other useful services I offer

Contact me directly by a call or text to- 613 304-3427
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