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Professional Doula support for your 2023 birth

Hi there, I am Gertrude Wilkes a doula based in Ottawa, Ontario.

I provide unwavering support to individuals and families during the prenatal, birth and postpartum periods. My primary focus is as a birth and perinatal doula. As a perinatal doula I will support you through your pregnancy, labour, the birth of your child and into your postpartum transition. Support tailored to your individual needs!

Originally from British Columbia, Ottawa is my home. The mother of two and grandmother to five wonderful grandchildren, I am married to an exceptionally supportive fellow.

Since 2009, I have supported many expectant and birthing women and new and newly grown families. My involvement with all matters maternity began as the eldest daughter in a large family. With the birth of my first grandchild, I was reintroduced to the world of birth and intrigued by the changes the decades had brought. A casual remark in 2009 led me to the Mothercraft Birth and Parent Companion Program and my first doula training. Self-study, educational seminars, workshops, and educational conferences have allowed me to expand my knowledge and skills. I am privileged to have studied with Lesley Everest of MotherWit in the autumn of 2015 and to have been supported on an ongoing basis by my friend and mentor Shannon MacFarlane, one of Ottawa’s earliest professional doulas.

I live in the city core, handy to the Ottawa Hospital’s General Campus and the Ottawa Birth Centre.

 I provide support to those giving birth at –

I am a proud member of the Ottawa Valley Doulas professional association and the Association of Ontario Doulas.

Contact me directly by a call or text to 613.304.3427

If email is more convenient, gertrude@gertrudewilkes.ca will get a quick response.
Gertrude ♥

“What if things change again and my doula can’t support me in the hospital? Why engage her?”

While the birth of your baby is certainly a key part of the support I provide, it is only one facet!

My doula support includes education and preparation for birth.

I will familiarize you with the systems and processes, I will listen, I will be available for you and your birth partner. I will help you to understand ‘normal’ and it’s variations. I will help you to recognize your strengths and those of your partner. I will tutor you on coping strategies and comfort measures.

I will help you to define your birth preferences and I will provide guidance to document and record them.

My doula support includes education and preparation for becoming a parent, as needed.

As your doula I will support you in the last weeks of your pregnancy as you wait and wonder and perhaps worry. I am available in person or via text or call. I will offer explanations, resources and reassurances. There are no silly questions only unasked ones and chances are I have been asked before! I am there for you. I am your person.

And then there is early labour

For some early labour is a breeze and for others it can be long and drawn out. I will be there when you call. I will join you when you want me to. If desired, I will accompany you on your journey to the hospital. I will wait until you are admitted and I will be available to you for text or virtual support, as you require.

Once you return home

I will visit you in your home. For some, a cup of tea and a chat is what’s required. For others practical support such as laundry, food preparation or infant care are the order of the day.
My doula support includes 1 short visit OR 1 longer support session of up to 3 hours if requested, and I am available on a per visit basis if you’d like more support.

And of course, if the situation changes I will be there to support you as you give birth in hospital.

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