What’s In Your Suitcase?

I left the Birth Centre after an incredibly empowered birth. In order to exit the building I had to be accompanied by a midwife and as I use Uber, she had to wait with me…these were the COVID rules early in the pandemic. It was 5:00 am and the Uber was slowly making its way to what is an obscure location.

I know the midwife, but not well.

My participation in the actual birth had been minimal and as we made our way towards the exit, I was pulling a small green suitcase with a squeaky wheel. I hadn’t opened it the entire birth.

What’s in your suitcase?‘ she kindly asked me…

‘What’s in my Doula Bag’ posts flourish on the web. And being so very tired I mumbled something…and also because I am in awe of the midwife- all midwives, I was embarrassed.

BUT the thing is…

I had met the client at her home, I had quickly assessed it was time to get in the vehicle and go! And because of COVID we could not enter the Birth Center until their midwife arrived some several minutes after us.

During that time, I stood in a puddle at the open back door of the family’s SUV. Heavy rain was falling on the umbrella and streaming my back while I sheltered the panting woman from the weather and assured her that she could do this, that the midwife and her second were close by, and that she would not have her baby in the back seat of the SUV.

Yes, her partner was there… totally focused and occupied messaging family and collecting himself for what came next, as he moved things about at the tail gate.

What’s in the suitcase? Calm, caring, compassion, experience, and a change of clothes!
(Fall 2022)

My Doula Suitcase carries a change of clothes and a few tools..