Ready and Aware, this Doula wonders about Floating.

I needed a reset last week. There had been a couple of tough weeks. Heartache and disappointment had tarnished my optimism, injury and restlessness-my comfort, and the daily news-my calm. I made an appointment for a float at ISÖ Spa Floatation Centre.  It had been too long since I had last been. The decision was made easy by a friend’s reminder of the June Float Special they are having- just $39.00 for 60 minutes in the spacious and inviting float pods.

My float was heavenly. All my tension and worries drifted away, my limbs felt lithe and light. As always, I marvelled at the velvet feel of the water and welcomed the slowing of my heartbeat and the emptying of my mind. Bliss.

Afterwards, I sat on the sofa with a mug of tea. ISÖ Spa’s owner Jasson Grant smiled on his way past and asked if I had enjoyed my float. I allowed it had been wonderful, both restorative and rejuvenating. It was just what I needed.

In spite of my calm and sense of well-being, the outside world had intruded during my float. I had left my phone turned switched on. It was not an oversight but a calculated risk…I was on baby watch- Babies come when babies come. The phone call that had pulled me back was not the one I was waiting for. Sitting there I mused, not for the first time, how floating might benefit and bring comfort to a pregnant body and mind.  A word with Mika Husband ISÖ Spa’s other kind and welcoming owner and I had a few resources to review.

Floating While Pregnant

It seems expert opinion varies on the benefits of floating during the first trimester.  And there is no doubt as with trying anything new during pregnancy, you should check with your personal health care provider. A look at the resources listed here below may convince you that a float is the perfect comfort for your weary mind and changing body.

Floating During Pregnancy

Floating While Pregnant


Here’s Everything You Need to Know- Floating when pregnant

Floating for Pregnancy and Prenatal Health

I left ISÖ Spa feeling shiny and bright. Exquisitely rested and clear of mind I felt taller and lighter on my feet. I was ready to take on the world with energy and optimism. Man or woman, pregnant or not, ISÖ Spa offers a reset for all who choose to enjoy the benefits of floating.

ISÖ Spa is located at 464 Bank Street just south of Gladstone Ave. The Spa is accessed from McLeod St. and there is free parking at the door.