Kind words

A few comments from some past clients.

Thank you for assisting me with my birth and for empowering me with confidence to give birth the way I had envisioned. AC

…and I attribute (Baby’s) good health, in part, to the support and tools you offered to the three of us throughout my pregnancy, and in the weeks immediately following his birth. Your sage advice, information, resources and responsiveness helped to reduce the anxiety associate birth and, the unknown of my first pregnancy…Overall you have helped me to remain calm, and subsequently connected to my body and my baby.  As a result I have thoroughly enjoyed this special time… AF & SL

We cannot thank you enough for all of the help, support, and care you showed us during our last weeks of the pregnancy, the birth itself and the difficult months that have followed. Your advice…your patience-as we waited several weeks past our anticipated due date, and your generosity – especially with your time, were most appreciated…  R & NY

…and I would like to thank you for your support before (Baby) was born and during birth and after  his birth. (Baby) thanks you for all the tips you gave us and the items given and shared. We are very grateful.  DB & CP

We are so lucky for the way things worked out. Lucky that we met you, lucky that we hit it off + lucky that you’re the amazing person you are… I was beginning to lose hope, but then (Baby) came and thanks to you and your amazing support my delivery was successful + (Baby) + myself are doing wonderfully!!

If you would like to speak with my past clients, many would be happy to speak with you. Please ask for their contact information.

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Age is like love, it cannot be hid. Gertrude Wilkes; Ottawa doula

Gertrude Wilkes; Ottawa doula cradles her sleeping grandchild.